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The True Meaning of Christmas

People look forward to the Christmas season for different reasons. Sadly, some dread it instead. For them, the idea of spending and getting together with peers or family can be a greater cause of worry and stress. But what is Christmas really all about? What’s the true meaning and celebration of Christmas?


Christmas is about Giving

Christmas givingThe center of the narrative is Christ coming to earth to redeem mankind by gifting them with Himself. You can’t be a Scrooge and celebrate Christmas in a true way. Now, this has nothing to do with commercialism but everything to do with being “a giver”. Yes, you may have to spend some money but it doesn’t always have to be about spending money nor spending lots of it. J.C. Penney said, “The Yuletide should be an occasion not just for giving material things but also the giving of self.” The “giving of self” can express itself in many forms and when that is sincere, the price is never an issue. There’s no embarrassment in spending only what you can afford or in doing acts of service for a Christmas gift, as long as the receiver feels your kindness and affection behind what you’re giving to them.

“Wretched excess is an unfortunate human trait

that turns a perfectly good idea such as Christmas

into a frenzy of last-minute shopping”

—Jon Anderson


Christmas is about making peace

Christmas timeWe all know that Christmas is about love. There can’t be no Christmas without love. But we should also remember that it’s about making peace. Christ came to open the way for man to make peace with God. Scriptures say that it is through Christ that God reconciles all men to Himself. Christ made peace through His shed blood on the Cross. (Col. 1:20)

Is there someone you need to make peace with? Is there an issue that you need to put to rest and find peace about? You can do that right now and especially this Christmas. You don’t have to like the person. You don’t have to like what happened. You don’t have to pretend nor fake a good relationship. But for your best, you need to make peace.

The Bible describes what peace is all about but the dictionary also gives a good practical definition of it. 

Peace is to be:

“free from disturbance,

a period where there is no war,

or where war has ended.”

Give yourself time to see what areas of your life and relationships you need to make peace about. Then do it, make peace!


Christmas is about rest.

Christmas thingsWith Christ comes rest; rest from “works that can never save” and rest from the troubles of life. Once you find Christ, you cease from hopelessly trying to find your way back to God. With full faith and trust in God through Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross, we find assurance of a life and relationship with God in this life and the next.

Once you find Christ, you never do life alone. He is with you, helping you, and even carrying your load for you.  Christ is your very rest. Even under great stress, even in our worst failures, Christ is our rest. We can cease from crazy worry. We can sleep, we can recover strength. Make sure you take advantage of that every day and especially during Christmas. There’s always heaps to do, places to be in, people to talk to. But, remember to take some time off to shut everything out. Place yourself in His presence and let His rest put you in a spiritually, physically, and mentally relaxed posture. He is always there.

Love yourself and love God more by celebrating the true meaning of Christmas this year. And, spend it with the ones you love.

Happy Yuletide Season!


Ana MenezAna Menez, a Shazzy Fitness guest blogger, is a freelance writer. She takes great interest in writing and sharing growth resources. She loves reading for all of its fresh insights and points of view that helps her as she consider issues relevant to her faith life.


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