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Exercise to Uplifting Encouraging Music with Shazzy Fitness: Meet Sausha Nells!

Sausha NellsHello, my name is Sausha Nells. I am 38 years old. I am full American Indian descent from the Navajo tribe. I currently reside in Winslow, Az. I am originally from Shiprock, NM. I moved away from the Navajo reservation when I was 13 and moved to Phoenix, AZ where I completed high school. I then pursued my nursing degree in Tucson, AZ at the University of Arizona. As a child, I remember being overweight and I remember many unhealthy eating habits that I took on. If it were not for me growing up on a farm and being required to do some hard work, I may have developed diabetes as an early age. As a teen, when I lived in Phoenix, I remember a time when I decided to be more active than ever and to eat healthier than ever. I joined sports and my favorite was softball. I ran track and I like playing basketball and volleyball. To this day, I enjoy being active with sports and physical activity but the busyness of motherhood, ministry, and career gets in the way.

I have an amazing husband of 15 years and four precious children, 3 daughters and 1 son. I am blessed! I love Jesus with all my heart! I am thankful for the strength, wisdom, and healing He has given me in my life of being delivered from a home of alcoholism, domestic violence, and fatherlessness. I am passionate about the call that the Lord has on my life. I have been a nurse for 16 years and a pastor’s wife for 9 years. I have also served in children, youth, women, and marriage ministry. Currently, in my job as a nurse, I am a Youth Wellness Nurse for our local Indian Health Care facility. I work within a diabetes prevention program. My focus is on preventing diabetes and chronic disease among youth 0-18 years old. I work with the medical providers to identify youth at-risk due to childhood obesity and work with their families by educating about the importance of healthy eating and physical activity to prevent diabetes and chronic disease. I also assist in the diabetes clinic and provide education to patients in regards to healthy eating and physical activity.

Sausha NellsIn our communities, there is always a need for creative way to engage people in physical activity. I have been a fitness instructor for three years and have taught step aerobics at wellness center where I work. I look forward to providing Shazzy fitness classes at the wellness center and at our church, and perhaps, in the community in open areas. I am confident that I can start a fitness or health ministry by inviting people from the community to join in Shazzy Fitness classes and connect with people and offer prayer and encouragement from God’s word! I could also add in nutrition education as well. Holistic wellness is important to me and I believe that we must honor God by taking good care of the bodies that He gave us. Also, God desires for us to experience life abundantly, and I believe, by eating healthy and exercising, we prevent many diseases that would otherwise limit us from being active in our lives, doing God’s kingdom work and ministry! I see Shazzy Fitness as a fun way to exercise to uplifting encouraging music with a message about our God! Amen!


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