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Two Superfood Smoothies You Absolutely MUST Try...

I am a very picky eater. I can just look at food and be like, "Nah, I'm not trying that." The thought of chickpeas is just like, ew—just the name itself makes you want to avoid it.

Which makes it pretty weird that I've decided to go vegan.

I do not love vegetables. I love chicken and seafood (I was born in Louisiana!), and those foods don't lose their flavor just because I'm changing my diet! I feel like there are a lot of vegans out there who were like, "I already love vegetables so much, why not go vegan?" Well I am not that person! I sometimes wish I could be like some other vegans out there, but I'm not, and I won't pretend to be.

I got into the whole "smoothie life" by default. I had Vitamin B deficiency and I knew had to think fast because that could be dangerous. I also knew I was not getting the nutrients I needed because of my dislike for vegetables, and my fruit selection in limited. So, I said, let me try to mix enough ingredients together to get the amount of vitamins and minerals I need.

I will say I am pretty choosy when it comes to my smoothies. First of all, I just started making and drinking smoothies a little while ago. Secondly, because of my picky eating habits an very specific diet, I have a limited variety of ingredients I can actually use. Once I figured out the kinks, I came up with two smoothie recipes I really enjoy!

The first one is made with kale, zucchini, flax seeds, lemon and lime juice, agave nectar, avocado, and cucumber, with coconut water for the liquid. It's packed with fiber, iron, and tons of vitamins, plus the agave nectar adds natural sugars for a great taste!

For a "deluxe" version, I use those same ingredients, but add ginger, turmeric, and hemp seeds, then use hemp milk instead of coconut water. I prepare them the night before, leave them in the fridge overnight, and just go the next day!

Now I have come to appreciate being able to grab a smoothie in the morning and start the day satisfied and energized. Coming from someone who used to talk about people who walked around with their smoothies and juices, it is now a staple for me. I am thankful for my two little go-to smoothies. My friends joke about my smoothies being more like a blended salad.

It's a journey to find textures and foods that I like that I've never even explored. I'm learning to re-train my mind about what tastes good and what foods I'm just biased against. I'm also learning to listen to my body and learn what it really craves.

It's time to grow up in your thinking. What's more important: healing your body, or the immediate gratification you get from your favorite unhealthy foods? Long term, the benefits and the beauty of being satisfied and getting what I need—not the immediate pleasure—is what really matters in the end. You may have to tell yourself that a few times. Maybe even every day, just to be real!

I hope in some way this is helpful. Happy drinking your food!

Eulice Hooper is a Shazzy Fitness Instructor from Atlanta, GA. She is currently a substitute elementary school teacher and Dance Teacher of ballet, jazz and tap. She loves that Shazzy Fitness offers the opportunity to merge her passions for health and fitness, wholeness inside and out, and dance (which is like a universal love language) into one!


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