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Shazzy Goes Pink!

Did you know that Shazzy gets “Pinked Out” in the month of October? Last year our first ever event was hosted by two of our very own instructors, Jen Rogers and Stacey Jones. These wonderful ladies both received their Instructor certifications in 2015 at our Cleveland, Tennessee class. They then came together last October to host a class to benefit breast cancer research, and it was a great success. We asked Jen to share her thoughts on bringing Shazzy Pink Out to the forefront for 2016.

Thank you so much, Jen, for your time. Let’s get started with this question: Why did you decide to/feel led to do this event?

I always like to do a pink event with my Zumba classes to just be able to help a little bit, but last year I wanted to do it with my Shazzy ladies!

How did you market the class?

I marketed the class on Facebook and through word of mouth. I also informed my regular Shazzy Class attendees a few weeks ahead of time.

How did you choose the location? Did you get any prior approval or contact local Pinked Out?

The location I chose is where I held my normal classes, at our church gym. I did not obtain approval from any pink organizations. If I remember correctly, I think I did discuss the event with Kristy (founder and creator of Shazzy).

How would you advise others in finding a location or approaching their own churches about how to host such an event?

Find a place that people know and is easy to get to, that is also big enough to give them room to move. Just tell the facility what a great program you will be bringing and what the money raised is going toward.

What was the best part of the class for you?

The best part was raising the money AND dancing of course!!

What lessons did you learn, and what would you do differently this year?

I was a little disappointed in the attendance. It was a good number but I thought more would come. I held it on a Saturday morning and I think the lesson I learned is that Saturday mornings in the fall are not good times for maximum attendance. If I'm able to do it this year I will probably do a “Glow Shazzy Pink Out” on a Friday night.

Are you planning to do this again in October? If so, please share the details.

I do plan on doing it again, so I need to get planning! As I said above, I will more than likely move the event to a different location and this year I may have some signs made also. In addition, I will have a black-light event on a Friday evening instead of a Saturday morning.

Thanks so much Jen! We appreciate your insights, and we hope that what you and Stacey did last year will inspire others to do the same for this October. God bless you, and we look forward to hearing about your “Glow Shazzy Pink Out” event for this year!


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