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FW: This is the BIGGEST Mealtime Mistake.

So, you’ve decided to eat healthier.

Congratulations! That is a great step toward having more energy and being able to better carry out all of the things that God is asking you to do in your everyday life. We want to help you make sure that nothing stands in your way, so we want to give you at least one great tip to keep you on track and keep you from sabotaging yourself along the way.

Imagine this... you are out running errands, or coming home late from work, or you have kiddos and you are coming back from one of their practices, a game or a class and you realize, “Oh no, it’s time for dinner and I have nothing at home for us to eat.” You pull into that familiar drive-thru and you order the same old thing that you used to order feeling as though since you are already blowing it by eating fast food you might as well get your favorite.

This is the biggest mealtime mistake!

burger fries fast food meal time mistake high fat calories sodiumThere are two ways to buffer yourself against this mealtime sabotage. The first is that you can meal prep buffet style at home, so that there is always something at home in the fridge that can be reheated: a bowl of cooked brown rice, some already cooked grilled chicken or another protein and maybe some organic canned beans or organic frozen vegetables (that are now becoming much more affordable).

Let’s face it though, many of us have not developed the habit of consistently meal prepping and sometimes dinner has to come between activities, so the most important tip is to change your ordering habits. You can either choose a healthier fast food restaurant that is known for its healthier options, or you can choose to try a different way of ordering at your old standby.

fried chicken tenders salad small portionLet’s say that you always order the chicken tenders, an order of fries and a soda. The best option, of course, would be to order grilled chicken, a side salad (drizzling the dressing) and a water, but if you can’t go there with me just yet, then order the chicken tenders kids' meal, eat it slowly, and don’t upsize anything including the drink. Again, not the healthiest option, but still better than going for the adult sized portion of the less healthy items.

The menus and nutrition information for most restaurants, including fast food, are now available on your phone, so take an extra few minutes and maybe pull into a parking space before you pull into the drive-thru so you can make a better decision about what to order. Then make sure that you don’t beat yourself up over the fact that you had to eat fast food. Instead, celebrate the fact that you overcame a common meal sabotage and you’re working your way toward your Best You Yet!

Remember, it's not about perfection, it’s about effort!

Shazzy Fitness instructor Angela JoynerAngela Joyner has been a fitness instructor for over ten years and is Director of Instructor Onboarding at Shazzy Fitness. Join Angela as she leads our Shazzy Certified Instructor Training of 2018 - April 7, 2018 in Dallas/Fort Worth! Angela believes that faith and fitness are intertwined in such a way that you can’t fulfill your God-given purpose without taking care of your God-given temple.


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