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Introducing Our Certified Instructors: Meet Angela Joyner!

certified Shazzy Fitness instructor Angela JoynerMy name is Angela Joyner, I live near Dallas, TX, and I am so excited to be certified as a Shazzy Fitness Instructor! I have been teaching dance fitness going on 10 years this year. I love dance fitness and one of my passions is seeing people get out of their comfort zone and discover a way to workout that is so fun that they are sad when it is over. My other passion is helping people link their fitness and wellness to their faith.

I first found out about Shazzy Fitness when a good friend of mine came back from a conference and had the pleasure of working out live with the Shazzy Fitness team. She knew that I would love it and bought A Time to Dance for me as a gift. I tried it and was hooked, and knew that this was something that I wanted to do.

I believe that faith and fitness are intertwined in such a way that you can’t fulfill your God-given purpose without taking care of your God-given temple. My very favorite aspect of this is that in order to teach people how to take that leap, try something new and develop a daily habit of taking care of themselves—mind, body & spirit—you have to show them why they are so lovable and so loved by God right where they are at this moment, even before any changes are made. I think that Shazzy Fitness provides a wonderful opportunity to do all of these things.

colorful dance fitness class with Angela JoynerEach class is a judge free zone, and it is a celebration of worship through music and dance that is as funky as it is fun. I love teaching other dance fitness formats, but I only feel worship-filled during some of the songs, and I really want to start using as much of my energy as possible doing things that bring joy to others and glorifies God in the process.

I love the idea of having a class that literally anyone, a mom and her tween, my pastor’s family or my family could attend and I would be proud of every lyric and every move. I think Shazzy Fitness will open the door for many people who are not currently working out to begin working out and I think it will open the door for me to help a lot of people in my life experience the joy of becoming a Shazzy Fitness Instructor right alongside me!

Angela will be taking part in Shazzy's 21-Day STRONGER Challenge, how about you? Sign up now to get daily workouts, customized meal planning, devotionals & exclusive membership to our Fellowship group!


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