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Try Joy for an Energy Boost!

Red Bull energy drinkAre you one of those who depend on Red Bull or other energy drinks to get you through a long day? Well, try taking a dose of joy with that as well!

Dr. Barbara Fredrickson is a noted professor, author, and expert in the field of Psychology. She released an investigative study report on how positive emotions steer and benefit the body and mind towards health and success. She sees positive emotions like joy and happiness as nutrients that people need to become resourceful and to expand awareness and ability to take in more of one’s surroundings and connect the dots to perceive the big picture in everything.

Indeed, having joy is one positive emotion that can do all that for you. And, unlike the temporary potency of commercially bottled energy drinks, joy doesn’t have to come and go. You can choose joy. You can stay your mind and heart on being joyful and happy in life, through the good and the bad; through both the easy and difficult parts.


Joy widens our mindset

joyful hopeful girlWhile negative emotions narrow our mindset, joy broadens it. Negativity is a sledgehammer that can close down options and solutions. But staying joyful trains you to be more positive and hopeful. And we know that it is only by being positive that we look for solutions and alternatives. So, it’s important to have joy, especially during a great challenge.


Joy connects us with others

Nobody likes being in the company of a negative, pessimistic, complaining grouch. But when there’s joy, we can build relationships. Customers and co-workers gravitate towards you because you are pleasant to be with and talk to. Families and friendships remain strong even when everyone’s busy. Because the times of togetherness, though limited, are treasured and remembered. This happens when you have joy and you are “joyful” to be with.


Joy builds resilience.

happy old womanThe Bible says, “The joy of the Lord is our strength.” And from experience, we know that to be true. Joy can build your mental and physical health because you become more energetic and more persevering. You stay under the pressure and you don’t break because you know there’s something good that will come out in everything. You see the setbacks but you also see there’s a way to get over the stumbling blocks. You can handle and release stress because you know where your strength and capacities end and where Christ steps in to meet the gap.


Joy is found in Christ and you have access to His joy all day, in every situation and circumstance. So, choose joy. Wherever your work takes you, whatever efforts are required of you; at home, in the office, and out in the field, stay joyful and you’ll get through a long day just fine.


Ana MenezAna Menez, a Shazzy Fitness guest blogger, is a freelance writer. She takes great interest in writing and sharing growth resources. She loves reading for all of its fresh insights and points of view that helps her as she consider issues relevant to her faith life.


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