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What Are Practical Ways to Express Our Gratitude?

happy friendsThe usual way is to say, “Thanks!” But even that one simple word can remain unsaid especially when it’s a family or a dear friend who’s done a good deed for us. Yes, the things people do for us, we can easily take them for granted. Worse, we can become unthankful when we feel entitled to something. Instead of gratitude setting in, it’s the feeling of entitlement that sinks in. We can think to ourselves that it’s only right for us to receive that thing.

This coming Thanksgiving, why don’t we just stop and take the opportunity to really express our gratitude and sincere thanks to the people in our lives that have done us good in so many ways. Read on for some practical ways you can express your gratitude to those who’ve done you favor upon favor and who’ve given you blessing upon blessing.


1. Do things for them.

Helpfulness says a lot. It lets the person know that you’ve got his or her back. It says, “I’m here for you.” Is a friend or a brother, mother, or sister ill? Why not relieve them of some of their chores and tasks. Offer to do the laundry or shop grocery items for them.


2. Give tokens of appreciation.

buying at the coffee shopGifts carry a lot of weight irrespective of the price. Well, while it is true that some people measure the value of gifts by the price tag, the most important people in your life (people who matter) won’t be that way with you. They will value your tokens of appreciation whether those are costly or not. Buy their favorite snack. Bring them some coffee or hot chocolate on the way to work (if it’s a colleague or friend) or on the way home (if it’s a family member).


3. Be with them.

old couple huggingCompanionship is one of the most expensive ways you can show gratitude to someone. Everyone is pressed for time these days. There are so many things you need and want to do and time is always lacking. When you text or give a call, you let those special people know that you’re thinking of them. When you drop by for a chat, you make that person feel valued. When you stop what you’re doing around the house and sit with a family member or watch a movie together, you let your loved one know that he or she is your priority; that there’s always time for the people who are most important in your life.


Instead of the usual “Thanks.”, express your gratitude through these practical yet very meaningful and impactful ways. Your friends and family will probably really get the message!


Ana MenezAna Menez, a Shazzy Fitness guest blogger, is a freelance writer. She takes great interest in writing and sharing growth resources. She loves reading for all of its fresh insights and points of view that helps her as she consider issues relevant to her faith life.


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