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New Zealand's first Shazzy instructor! Meet Kathryn Drinkwater :)

Shazzy Instructor Kathryn with bookMy name is Kathryn Drinkwater and I live in Northland, New Zealand. I’m forty six years young and I do foster care as well as look after a lifestyle block where I take care of many farm animals. I enjoy providing a safe home for vulnerable children and for horses using the famous horseman Monty Roberts’ violence-free care and training. I’m also a writer. My children’s novel, Dog Tucker was published a number of years ago by Scholastic New Zealand. I’m in the process of finishing my second children’s novel and self-publishing more of my writing through my website.

I have no previous dance instructor experience but have been active over the years using aerobics DVDs for my personal fitness at home. I would often play my Christian music over the top of the aerobics DVD music and would usually send a quick-fire prayer to the Lord asking Him for a fitness DVD workout to Christian music.

You can imagine how ecstatic I was when I saw an advertisement for Shazzy Fitness on Facebook. I remember holding my breath and opening my eyes wide as I followed the link and discovered this amazing answer to my prayers! It wasn’t long and I had my hands on both DVDs and experienced the joy of using them at home. It was like being at a praise dance party where I could worship God with my entire being! It gave me such a happy buzz, especially when my children chose to join me in the living room and we were all doing it together!

Kathryn with goatsI signed up for the Shazzy Fitness newsletter and appreciated the positive, encouraging messages. I read the advertisement saying I could become a Shazzy Fitness Instructor and I began to wonder if it might be possible for me to follow that path. For a time I let it go but in the back of my mind I was thinking perhaps if I see a special discount come up I’ll look into it some more.

It so happened earlier this year I had fallen into a slump. I was feeling down and knew I needed to get back into fitness. I remembered that a couple of years ago I had uncharacteristically trained for a half marathon. The reason which motivated me to do what was not my normal thing was because I was doing it for World Vision. I realised my key motivator was not just doing it for myself, but doing it to help others.

God had given that half marathon to me in answer to a prayer for a fitness goal and so now I prayed again for a new fitness goal. Lo and behold the Shazzy Fitness Online Instructor Training Course was advertised at a discounted, special offer and so I stepped out in faith and signed up for it. It was the best thing I could have done. Doing the course helped me to focus on something healthy and positive and it lifted me out of the slump. I found I had joined a real Christian family of people who genuinely care about me and wish to support me on my Shazzy Fitness journey. The course was easy and fun and I completed it in a record time, becoming New Zealand’s first Shazzy Fitness Online Certified Instructor!

Kathryn finally Shazzy certified!Having the Shazzy Fitness Instructor Certification has encouraged me to believe in myself and I know it’s going to be a lot of fun sharing Shazzy Fitness with others. It’s helping me achieve my fitness goals and I love it that other people will also be encouraged, lifted up and challenged by this dance fitness. I’m so grateful that the music is Christian – I love to promote Christian music. I learned early in my life that the kind of music I choose to listen to makes a serious difference to my mental well-being.

Combining three favourite things; dance, fitness and Christian music, the way Shazzy Fitness does – that for me is the ultimate happy buzz.

Thanks Shazzy Fitness and thank you, Jesus!


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