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Join Us: Get Shazzy Fit!

Still just thinking about getting certified? Read this awesome testimonial by one of our brand-new instructors, Renee Ecckles-Hardy!

new instructor renee ecckles-hardyWow! Where do begin? I can't even accurately express what an accomplishment this is for me. Becoming a Shazzy Fitness instructor is something that literally dropped into my spirit after seeing a Facebook post that someone "liked". It immediately peaked my interest because being fit, active, and Christ-centered is very important to me. Dance was very much a part of my younger years. I also used to teach aerobics and taught & participated in dances for the arts ministry of my church and local community events.

I had dreams of having a dance studio (Dance with Purpose) with a worship foundation to teach children purpose in movement along with technique because I was tired of going to recitals of little girls shaking their booties and being applauded just for being on the stage with no real purpose. I share that with you because Shazzy will give me the opportunity to build on that dream in a different format, and for any age!

pictures of successI am now 53 years young and eager to grow in this new journey. Sure, life has thrown me some physical challenges, but I am ready to take on this new season alongside others who are ready for more than just exercise. Shazzy Fitness is praise and worship extended to the Father as we "Shape What the Father Gave You" together.

I am so very thankful for Kristy and her God-given vision for an incredible ministry tool. I am equally thankful for Angela Joyner for reaching out as if it was just for me, right at the perfect time. I am elated to become Shazzy Fit with my newfound team of instructors!


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