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Why 2018 is Going to Be Your BEST Year Yet!

A final "Happy New Year" from your Shazzy Fitness Family!

new year best year yet 2018 lisa chandler creationAnytime I hear someone make a blanket statement like, “2018 is going to be your best year yet,” I feel the overwhelming urge to tighten my jaw and give them the “side eye”, so believe me, I understand if that’s what you did when you read the title of this blog. As crazy as it may sound, I really believe that 2018 is bubbling over with possibilities for this to really be your best year yet! Why do I believe that? I’m so glad you asked!

I’m a thinker that loves to search for the meaning of many things, but my favorite search is for a deeper understanding of the Bible. I love it because the most straightforward scriptures can become even more powerful when we investigate the symbolism woven into the fabric of the verses. As I’ve studied the Bible through the years I’ve found that numbers are often very significant and can hold the key to greater understanding, so I considered the symbolism involved in this year, 2018.

It is widely believed that the number 10 represents perfection or completion of God’s divine order. For example, the 10 Commandments and the direction to present 10%, a tithe, outline God’s divine order for living and giving. Digging further, one definition of perfection is, “Physical perfection is when a natural object has all its powers, faculties or qualities entire and in full vigor, and all its parts in due proportion.” In addition, completion is defined as “fulfillment; accomplishment.”

imagine future daydream bright woman sunriseThe number 8 represents new life, resurrection and new beginnings. Brand new life came about in Genesis 1 when God spoke eight “Let there be” phrases and brought forth all of creation. Eight people (excluding Jesus & the saints) were resurrected throughout the Bible, and eight people were given a new beginning as they disembarked the ark after the flood waters subsided.

Can you imagine a year where you vigorously walk in full power, with your mind firing on all cylinders, and all of your parts in due proportion (your body in its best form ever)? When you close your eyes can you picture a brand new life where things you thought were dead are resurrected? Do you desire a new beginning in any aspect of your life? If so, 2018 is your year!

Let’s look at this year, 20…18. Twenty is a multiple of 10, in fact, 20 is 10 doubled! Could that imply that we have the potential to receive a double portion of perfection or completion of God’s divine order in our lives this year? Eighteen can be factored out to 10+8, so could that imply that we have the possibility of experiencing perfection or completion of God’s divine order PLUS new life, resurrection, and new beginnings? Yes, Yes, Yes!

We are God’s valued and treasured children, his masterpieces created full of purpose and power. He has planned great works for each of us and mapped a path for us to reach the abundant life for which He sacrificed his son. In short, His desire for us is a life of peace, prosperity, purpose, and power, but here’s the key…all of that is found in His presence. When we choose to seek God’s presence He changes our perspectives, strengthens our hearts, gives us a glimpse of His perfect, complete divine order for our lives and infuses us with the power and determination to fulfill/accomplish every goal He helps us set. In His presence, He resurrects our hope, joy, peace, determination, and sense of purpose that sets us on the path to new beginnings.

shazzy fitness 2018 happy new yearWith that in mind, I challenge you to envision yourself vigorously walking in full power, your mind strong and flowing with creativity and fresh, new ideas, being in the best physical shape of your life and living your dreams. Reject every self-defeating thought and replace it with truth from God’s word!

God desires His best for us every year, but 2018 is the year of perfection/completion of God’s divine order (times two), new life, resurrection and new beginnings, so the possibilities are endless! The ONE thing you must do is choose to seek God’s presence no matter what! He’s waiting for you (Rev. 3:20); He’ll show you how to set and accomplish goals (Prov. 3:5-6); He will make 2018 your best year yet! (Psalm 37:4)

shazzy fitness guest blogger lisa chandler headshotLisa Chandler is a wife, mother, grandmother, and Shazzy Fitness guest blogger. Lisa is the founder of W.O.N.D.E.R.FU.L. Wives, a ministry where married women share the joys and challenges of being a wife, while also supporting one another on the journey through various seasons of womanhood and marriage. Follow on Facebook  or visit the website to subscribe to their newsletter and learn more about the Sister Circles & Radical Love Retreat.


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