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Stay Determined in Your Health!

You’ve reached your weight-loss goal in a healthy manner...now what?

shazzy fitness weight loss lose inchesSelf control and self discipline – that’s what it took for you to lose all that weight. (Congratulations, by the way!). Plus you had to have a good mind-set. What were you thinking? Whatever it was – it helped you achieve your goals.

Have you celebrated your achievements yet? If not I encourage you to do so, but not with food or an unhealthy party. I suggest doing something fun, physical and healthy with your body which you either couldn’t do or wouldn’t do when you were at the beginning of your journey.

What now? Is it time to let go of the self control? Are you going to let old mindsets creep their way sneakily back in? How are you going to maintain what you’ve achieved?

It’s not only about watching what you eat and keeping on with the fitness routine, it includes those plus watching what you’re thinking. For me I know it begins with the tiny, subtle excuses... “Oh it’s just for today, I’ll get right back on to self control tomorrow,” but then the next day – “Oh it’s just for today, I’ll get right back onto my self control on Monday, Monday’s always a good day to get re-started...” and then a few weeks later, “What happened to that Monday? I don’t seem to remember... how long has it been now? I can’t remember that either, I’ve been so distracted... oh well never mind, I know I can get it sorted because I’ve done it before...” and all that time the subtle changes have been taking place, at first under the surface where I haven’t noticed them. But then, “Oh well – I can hide it if I dress like this... till I get it sorted...” Anyone else have these sneaking-thinking issues?

shazzy determination aspiration weight loss goals achievementIt’s all about the battle of the mind. When you originally started out to change your weight-reading on the scales, were you thinking it would be a temporary journey? Just until you’d achieved the goal and then you’d be able to relax? Think again! It’s time to identify realistically what lifestyle changes you’ve made which you can keep permanently and which ones you want to allow specifically controlled time-lapses on. For example, I personally succeed better when I have a plan and a routine and can stick with those routines, making adaptations along the way to fix boredom or allow a ‘moment’ of freedom. Even a self-permitted, spontaneous moment of freedom from my self-control needs to have a pre-plan on how to deal with it afterwards, to keep it from becoming an ongoing slide out of control. It takes some determination!

I need reminding that my goal was a life-long plan, not just a target to hit and then forget about. For me it’s about teaching my thinking to stay in the lines of, “This is who I am now, these healthy lifestyle choices I’m making around food intake and physical activities, I want to keep them for the rest of my life. This is who I want to be. I can be this person and stay this person.”

affirmation determination positive thought optimismAny negative or subtle thoughts which aren’t motivated by God’s best plan aren’t going to be given a lasting moment. I’m going to kick them out, every time! If I can think with God’s wisdom and put it into action, better results will follow. Healthy thinking equals a fit, toned, healthy body here to stay.

When you know you’ve not only met your healthy weight-loss goal but you’ve maintained it for a long period of time, proving to yourself you’re making wise lifelong choices – celebrate again! Perhaps go to that Christian concert and dance the night away – or throw a Christian Dance and Praise party to give honour to what the Lord has helped you with!

I’m sure a Shazzy Fitness Dance Instructor would love to come and get the party pumping for you! God bless and Happy New Year!

God believes in you and I do too! Remember you are loved!

shazzy fitness new zealand kathryn drinkwaterKathryn Drinkwater is a child of God, foster parent, horsewoman and Shazzy Fitness Instructor from Northland, New Zealand! She enjoys providing a safe home for vulnerable children and for horses. She's also a writer: her children’s novel, Dog Tucker, was published a number of years ago.


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