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Introducing Our Certified Instructors: Stephanie Barboza

My name is Stephanie Barboza and I've been a Certified Shazzy Instructor since February 2016. However, it's been a long road to get here. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a superstar. I was headed down the wrong road when the Lord decided to stop me in my tracks. In 1989 I got into a car accident that smashed my face and my faith. I couldn't even look in the mirror for a while. My kids and I were on welfare for a while. I realized that I needed a job where I could take care of my kids and earn supplement income. In 1999 I got AFAA certified and fell in love with the fitness industry. Since then I've taught group fitness, boot camp, weight management, and worked as a personal trainer.

As I grew older and wiser, my work turned into my ministry. In 2005, the Lord showed me the vehicle to my destiny, ClubBlessed.com. My personal ministry provides nutrition support & supplements through IDLife, health information, and free fitness assessments. Through this long journey I've realized that even though my place is with my Father in Heaven, I've been left on Earth to be a blessing to others; God has allowed me to do that. My testimony denounces anything the enemy thought he could bring against me.

God sustained me through this ministry and revealed my destiny. I have been blessed that the people around me will also be blessed. God gives us the desires of our heart and puts us on the right road. He will do whatever it takes to get us off the wrong road and on the right path. Who better knows the plans that He has for our lives -- physically, intellectually, socially, and spiritually? In all things, I acknowledge God as the founder of my pursuits, and know that I am just the co-founder.

I believe in music's ability to spread the Message and our ability to honor God with our bodies. Exercise and balanced, healthy meals stimulate the brain, allowing God to use you more freely. If the body isn't right, how can the spirit be? The Holy Spirit has allowed me to line up my message with the scripture, and spread it through Shazzy Fitness. Shazzy's message aligned with my personal mission to honor and respect God through the ministry. Our bodies were designed with a God-given purpose, and He has a better plan that Jesus will lead us to. I never knew I'd be here at this point in my life, but greater things am I to do in His name.

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