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Challenge Day 3: What's in a name

A time to danceWe already at Day 3.  What an incredible 2 days its been!  After our Twitter party I knew I needed to stay up late to finish up a few things.  Instead of drinking my usual cup of coffee, I ended the evening with a quick Victory workout.  Who needs coffee when you have the Victory?  It was the perfect energy boost!

I wanted to talk about how I came up with the video titles.  Each title is intended to represent the style of the lead choreographer and the overall feel of the dance moves therein.  Vera's video was intended to be a beginner-level video, appropriate for all fitness levels including those who would be taking a "first-step" toward fitness.  I thought "In the Beginning" was the perfect way to represent that theme since it comes from the very first book in the Bible and literally speaks about new beginnings.

The moves in A Time to Dance come at a slightly faster pace and Apollos's fluid choreography style brightly shines through. During the video production process, many people commented that when you see Apollo dance, his enthusiasm was infectious and makes you wanna join him, whether you can dance or not. The scripture from Ecclesiastes came to mind because I wanted to inspire people to choose to embark on a new season of health and fitness, one dance at a time.

After attaining Victory, we are now ready to experience Freedom - the word "freedom" describes the spiritual freedom that comes with salvation and the emotional and physical freedom that comes with healthy living. It also is a homage to a movement Apollo describes as #freedomtobemyself.  The first workout includes one of my personal favorite routines.  The song "I am a Believer" has a hook that will stay in your head and have you bopping to yourself all day.

Can't think of a better way to start the morning.  

Here is today's message from Apollo, all the way from Beijing, China.


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