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7 Day Challenge Day 4 - TGIF :)

2 Corinthians 2:14 I really can't believe the weekend is here.  The entire week has been a bit of a whirlwind. Today is actually a very special day because we will be leading the first official Shazzy Fitness class at a church in Alpharetta, Georgia. Since releasing the video, people have been asking us, "Where can I take a class?". 

While we won't have a weekly class schedule, we will be working this year to offer one-time or short-term class events.  There are definitely benefits to working out in the privacy of your own home at a time that's convenient for you, there are also benefits to group exercise in a public setting.  The opportunity for community fellowship is one that shouldn't be ignored, especially since it can be one more factor that encourages one to exercise - and Lord knows we need all the help we can get :)

Despite having the craziest schedule today - appointments all over town, family visiting, normal kids stuff - I still found time for Triumph.  When you say it out loud, I mean - shouldn't finding time for Triumph be a no-brainer?  I think that's what I was thinking when I came up with the name for this one.

Very excited about all the Facebook posts, tweets, YouTube views, instagram pics -- it is truly a blessing to see so many of you as enthusiastic about Team Shazzy as we are.  We thank God for you and looking forward to hearing about Day 4 - the rock music influence in the Triumph Chapter 2 song (Without God) makes that one stand out for me.  

I love how Apollo describes the explosiveness in the choreography from today's workout. 

So now that you have 2 Apollo workouts under your belt - Freedom and Triumph - which one stands out for you?



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