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Challenge Day 6: Exercise Your Faith

Psalm 149:5

I am often asked how I came up with idea, what was the inspiration for Shazzy Fitness. Of course, I have to give all glory and honor to God. I'm really not sure exactly when I began to think that I might actually start a business.  That came many, many years after the concept was revealed to me.  I never wanted to be an entrepreneur. It seemed way too risky, way too unpredictable.  A whole lot of work for a whole lot of uncertainty - in fact, I'd read tons of articles, seen tons of shows that said that 90% of small businesses fail in the first year.  Why in the world would I want to jump into that kind of scenario when I had several years of experience, skills and degrees that could land me a much more reliable (and probably cushy) paycheck?

There are still days when I ask why the heck I did this. Not most days, but those days when something goes wrong, really wrong - and I think, is this really worth it?  I think it's a thought that all business owners go through, or really anyone who is engaged in some creative process and is trying to birth some new concept or product or idea.  In the end, for me it was and has been such an incredible walk of faith - one that I'd never dreamed I was strong enough to make, but one that was very necessary for me to grow into the person I've become today. Don't get me wrong, this is by no means easy and by no means over.  Faith-building is a daily activity and there will always be distractions, and tests, and trials and doubts.  Those will never go away and the closer you get to your purpose the harder it becomes to fight those off.  

Today, I am led to ask you to pray about how you can not only exercise your body, but how can you exercise your faith? 

Ok, enough with heavy stuff!!!  

Let's see what Apollo has to say about the Move, Groove, Amen Challenge, Day 6 and the one thing we shouldn't forget:


Kristy McCarley | CEO

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