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September 23, 2013


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And so it begins

Shazzy Fitness Dance Crew

My name is Kristy.  I have always loved music and always wished I could dance.  I mean REALLY dance - like Michael or Janet or Usher.  Alas, that is not my gift.

I’ve been tall all my life  – yet despite being urged my entire youth to play sports, any sport, I never really wanted to pursue it.  Playing a sport just didn’t appeal to me and facing the reality of messing up my hair on a regular basis pretty much sealed it – no sports for this girl.  Exercise and fitness were pretty low on my priority list, and considered only when I was desperate to lose weight.  But much to my surprise, at age 21, I discovered a new passion - aerobics.  For me, it all started when I took my first step aerobics class and immediately fell in love with it.  Not because of the workout per se, but more so because of the music and the instructor. I learned then the impact that great music and a great instructor can have.

Ok let me just say upfront because I am asked this question all the time: I'm not the greatest at dancing.  I can follow basic steps and if the music and instructor are a good fit for me, I can occasionally look like I have more rhythm than I actually do. I am definitely not a naturally gifted dancer or in any way obsessed with dancing, which is readily apparent when you see me move. But I did learn something that surprised me, something that I may not have ever known, had I not experienced it for myself - that with the right music and the right teacher, aerobics can actually be transformed and can be transforming. It challenges, it inspires and it motivates. Essentially, it is at its core ... just a dance, in every sense of the word.

Now, fast forward twenty years.  After decades of measuring the quality of my existence by the degrees I have, the letters after my name, the zeroes on my paycheck and the extent to which I've mastered the socially accepted path of school, work, church, career, marriage & kids (whew, say that three times fast!), I finally decided to be obedient, step out on faith, and embrace the undisputed, universal truth – always put love first, everything else second.

It is the overarching, underlying, fundamental principle of Christianity, and it is upon this truth that Shazzy Fitness is based.  Shazzy Fitness is for me and every other wholly imperfect, admittedly unconventional, non-traditional, part-time slacker, and full-time "He's not done with me yet" Believer. 

We will have fun in this place. We will dance and we will sing. We will feel good, on the inside and out, we will stop beating ourselves up about what we aren’t and celebrate Him and whose we are.  We will love each other, accept each other and we will tell everyone we know about it. 

For my church peeps, the formerly churched, the yet to be churched and the never to be churched, you are welcome here.  More importantly than that, you are wanted here.

Right now, at this moment, I invite you to stop where you are, kick off your shoes and pop in a Shazzy Fitness DVD.  You’ll hear Christian hip-hop songs that will make you wanna move!  I'm thoroughly convinced that once you taste and see, you'll want to stick around for Shazzy Fitness: Volume 2.

And so it begins.

Be well,

Kristy McCarley - CEO

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Kristy McCarley

Kristy McCarley


Myriam Balthazar
Myriam Balthazar

July 23, 2018

Good afternoon you all,
And thanks a million for Shazzy.
I share your thoughts and feelings about the dire need of this entreprise for our greatest good.
No need to post the following.
If you would do this, it may be even more appealing to kids under 12, with easier ,more repetitive moves, claps and chants. Then, another dance for teens, with 2 or 3 different groups (like a dance crew) for friends.
Hope to inspire.
Stay blessed,


December 01, 2016

Hi Minerva! Thank you for your enthusiasm and your kind words :) To answer your question, we have new choreography available to our certified instructors, through our Choreo Club. For a separate monthly fee, Instructors are eligible to receive new & original dance routines + new music every month. Thanks for asking and we hope that you take that step to become a Shazzy Instructor!

Minerva Slader
Minerva Slader

November 30, 2016

First I want to thank you and your team for this awesome ministry of Fitness. Love the music and I love the fact that your motivation is based on the word of God! I recently purchased the 2 DVDs and I am also looking forward to becoming an instructor! I can’t wait!!! How often do you have new choreography available for your instructors?


March 23, 2016

I purchased the DVD’s but if I’m somewhere that does not have a DVD player I’d like to play it on my Cell Phone or Tablet. Is there a Discounted rate for Digital Download if the DVD’s are already purchased?


February 20, 2016

Instead of DVD is there a way I could download it to my tablet or phone? Also, I’m a senior and I want to sure that the exercises are not too fast or intense.

Susan Young
Susan Young

January 22, 2016

Hi there,
I love to sing and dance but am very troubled by the dark and sexual lyrics of today’s pop culture. I just went to a jazzercise class and it was all the same. I encouraged the teacher to select more positive wholesome music and intent to talk to the head of the organization. The instructor told me about you so I wonder if you have any classes in Orange County or if you are looking for instructors.



Betty Robertson
Betty Robertson

September 29, 2015

Currently teach chair aerobics to seniors, disabled, etc. I use gospel music in my playlists, because it ministers to the heart, soul, and body of my students.
Can you please direct me further in this pursuit?
Any information received would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you
Betty Robertson
347 271-2440

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