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God Bless You Mighty Men of God!

happy father's day!Happy Father's Day to Mighty Men of Valor! To men who stand in and above the fray of life with dignity and character. These are faithful men who are strong in the Lord and understand the importance of putting on and keeping on the "Full Armor of God." (Ephesians 6:10-18)

We pray they will know their strength is not in how loud they roar but in the quiet courage and persistent determination to fiercely protect their family everyday with every fiber of their being. Men who lead their family to grow in God's Word and who believe that "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." (Joshua 24:15)

Happy Father's Day to all the men who know that being a man of velvet and steel allows their loved ones to come close without fear. How precious it is to see little ones run with reckless abandonment when they see Daddy, or Papa, Granddad or Uncle and wrap their little arms around their knees for an anticipated hug and maybe a lift up in the air. And even if there are occasions when correction is required, it is done with just enough firmness to let you know there is plenty love behind the discipline. What comfort to know that even as we grow older we can count on those same arms to hold us when we need a hug and a voice to render wise and seasoned counsel.

Happy Father's Day to all the true "Boaz" brothers in the world. Men who are loving husbands who ensure their wives that their love is eternal and secure. They are Godly men who love their wives with all the love of Christ that is in them. They are men of integrity and humility who likewise seek wives that love and honor the Lord. When they find her, they know they have found a good thing! In the book of Ruth, Boaz acted as Ruth's "Kinsman Redeemer." A Kinsman Redeemer is one who delivers or frees a loved one. He redeems the loved one from their unfortunate situation by purchasing their freedom or buying back their family land. Because he loved her, he was willing to do "whatever" to ensure that she became his wife so he could care for her. Boaz was the "foreshadow" of our Lord Jesus, who redeems all believers from our sins by giving His life to save us.

We pray for our "Boaz" brothers who understand the importance of being equally yoked and that as one flesh he is responsible to be the Priest, Prophet, Provider and Protector of his home. Our Father has commanded him to love his wife as Christ loves the church. That means he is to help her to stand before God with him holy and reconciled to God so they will live together for all eternity. That is a powerful responsibility not to be taken lightly!

Boaz masters in knowing his wife's "Love Language" and it gives him joy to keep her "Love Tank" filled. He prays for her well-being. He is proud to "stand before the city gates" and tell his friends that she is his wife. He speaks highly of her and protects her character. She is secure that the "Banner" over her is love.

Happy Father's Day to all the men who faithfully serve in their churches. Men who understand the importance of giving their time, talents and treasures for the growth and good of God's kingdom. Men who teach, who lead, who sing, who encourage, who inspire and who mentor. This day we give God praise for your selfless sacrifice and work in our churches. Righteous brothers who are fearless and faithful, men who stand on the frontlines of the battle for saving souls. Lord we thank you for Servant Brothers.

Lord we, are grateful for our Fathers, husbands, brothers, Pastors, teachers, leaders and friends. I pray that we as Women of God will respond to them with love, encouragement, support and praise.

We pray Dear Lord, bless their health, their strength, their careers, their families, their finances and that they are assured their labor will not be in vain!

We pray Father God, that You will bless everywhere they set their feet. No one will be able to stand against them all the days of their lives. That You will never leave nor forsake them. Further, we pray that they will be careful to obey Your Word and that they will never turn from it to the left or to the right. That they will be successful wherever they go. And finally they will be strong, courageous, prosperous and successful. You are a holy, trustworthy and loving Father, be with them all according to Your promises in Joshua 1:3-9. In Jesus' Name we pray! Amen

Cynthia Jones is a child of God, wife, mom and Shazzy Fitness guest blogger. Cynthia has led several Women’s Ministries for over 28 years; she and her husband serve all over the country, mentoring and teaching couples how to love & grow according to God’s design for Christian marriage. Subscribe to our newsletter and get awesome updates on faith, fitness, fun, family and fellowship!


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