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Great Folks + Good Times = Blessings Beyond Measure!

Last month on July 22, 2017 we celebrated our 5th year anniversary. It's really just mind-blowing for me.

Kristy and choreo teamI think about how young my kids were then, and how I was still legitimately in my early forties, LOL. How many ideas and dreams I had then, with really no idea how to execute many of them...and how many people I've encountered around the country, and now Canada, since we started.

So many of our beloved Shazzy instructors—many of whom had just been certified earlier this year—flew, drove, and yes, some took the bus from far, far away to spend the weekend with us.

As I sit here, I'm remembering the very first instructor certification training we held in Atlanta back in 2015. We had no idea if anyone would show up at all. I prayed that we would get at least one or two people. We ended up with five new instructors that day; we called them the "Fabulous Five".

And five years later, we filled the entire fellowship room at my home church.

Look at God!

fifth anniversary training event

Our instructor team has grown significantly this year—largely due to the efforts of our awesome new Director of Instructors, Angela Joyner from Dallas, TX (standing to my right), and our new Master Trainer team shown here - Stephanie Barboza, Jennifer Rogers, Michelle Carter, Stephanie Felder and Daniela Goode - representing Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Toronto, Canada.

master instructor team

Join our Instructor Team—No Experience Required.

We are still such a small team, but with a big vision and even bigger hearts. Our instructor family is growing at a much faster pace, plus more dance studios, churches and gyms are deciding to take a chance on this new program called Shazzy Fitness.

If you'd like to try a class or join our amazing instructor team, drop us a line or register for our instructor training today in Indianapolis on September 16, Charlotte, NC on October 14, Austin on October 21 or get certified by the weekend when you enroll in our super-convenient online instructor training.



Kristy McCarley is Founder and CEO of Shazzy Fitness. She writes blog articles about faith, dance, exercise, fitness and wellness. Click here to subscribe to our newsletter


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