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The Rhythm WILL Get You, BUT....

...the Experience Will Keep You Coming Back!

angela shazzy class lights outWhen you step into a Shazzy Fitness class the first thing that you notice is the atmosphere. There is often very funky, bass infused Christian hip hop music playing loud enough to hear the beat but low enough to hear your instructor warmly welcome you. Any nervousness that you felt about trying out this Shazzy Fitness thing melts away as you realize that there is something different here. There is more than a desire to see how many calories can be burned, it even goes beyond the community atmosphere which I’ve admittedly felt in other dance fitness formats. You feel safe, you feel freedom and that you are certain that you are in a judgement-free zone. As you meet new faces and perhaps see a few familiar faces, you notice that you all can’t help moving to the beat even before class begins. The music is just that good! The smiles are contagious.

As your instructor starts the warm up and the lyrics fill the room, there is no doubt that what you are doing here is healing and healthy for your mind, body & spirit. There is a connectedness with your body to the beat and with your heart & spirit to the lyrics as you are praising your Almighty God with every step that you are taking. Your instructor is introducing the songs to make sure that you are catching the meaning and then breaking down moves of the choreo if it warrants breaking down. You sigh a sigh of relief as your instructor explains that the breakdown choreo is meant to be challenging and it isn’t designed to get it down all in one class.

shazzy master class and certification

You learn that you are going to be hanging out with that choreo for a few weeks until you have it so well you’ll feel like a Christian Hip Hop video star. ;-) After the moves are broken down a few times and the class begins to run the choreo through you realize, “Hey, I’m getting this!” You also realize that not only are the moves and the rhythm now in your mind but the lyrics have you singing along and it ALL feels good. It’s that electric feeling of corporate worship, the kind that makes you wanna get up out of your seat and lift your hands up high. No more loving the beat, but being disappointed or uncomfortable with the lyrics, this is all comfortable and beyond that, it is uplifting and just what your soul needs as much as your body needed to move.

end of class prayerAs your instructor leads you through a soul-stirring cool-down you can’t believe the class is over already. You notice the smiles around the room. The Holy Spirit is present and there is gratitude: gratitude for what your bodies are able to do, gratitude for gifted musicians, gratitude for a dance fitness format that seems to be created with YOU in mind, and gratitude for an instructor who seems to love teaching Shazzy Fitness as much as you love taking it. You don’t even get to your car before you’ve set a reminder to make sure that the next class is on your calendar. The rhythm got you for sure but the lyrics and the experience of a Shazzy Fitness class has you ready for more!

Many of you don’t have a Shazzy Fitness class near you, and we would like to fix that as soon as possible. If you yourself, or someone you know would make a great Shazzy Fitness Instructor please share our website information with them or if it’s you... please contact us as soon as possible. I’m the Director of Instructors and I would love to help you or a friend become a Shazzy Fitness Instructor and create the awesome experience of a Shazzy Fitness class right where you are. We are also always looking for potential venues to hold a Shazzy Fitness Instructor Training and we are starting to work on our 2018 calendar, so please reach out if you have a relationship with a venue that would be a willing host. You can reach me via email at angela@shazzyfitness.com.

Thank you for reading!

Shazzy Fitness instructor Angela JoynerAngela Joyner has been a dance fitness instructor for over ten years and is Director of Instructors for Shazzy Fitness. Some of her passions are seeing people get out of their comfort zones and helping people link their fitness and wellness to their faith. She believes that you can’t fulfill your God-given purpose without taking care of your God-given temple, and loves the idea of having a class that literally anyone can attend!


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