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Last-Minute Blessings: Meet Adrienne White!

Adrienne White profile picHey there everyone! My name is Adrienne White and I live in the Dallas area in Texas. I am not a native Texan but I have been here for 20 years, so this is definitely home! I am a fitness professional teaching group classes 6 days a week and I am also a personal trainer. I have a ridiculous number of certifications in many different types of formats (strength, stretch, dance, kickboxing, etc.). I've been teaching group classes for 11 years and have been a trainer for at least 5 years.

I started as a ballerina when I was 11 and started assisting in classes when I was 16. I have taught ballet off and on ever since. I went to the University of Utah for college and was a ballet major for 2 years. Even when I wasn't a ballet major, I continued dancing there and also teaching. Dance is a huge part of who I am.

I discovered Shazzy Fitness through the amazing Miss Angela Joyner. We have known each other a very long time. We used to teach at the same gym right after each other. I have danced with this girl for a long time and know how precious her heart is for the Lord. Watching her on social media talking about Shazzy made me check it out. If she thinks it's a great format, I trust her! I love that there is a format out there that allows us to praise and worship Christ and also dance. Without seeing the class, I knew the moves had to be great if Angela was a part of it.

Adrienne and Angela at certificationMy decision to certify was so very last minute. I was planning on attending the Master Class but decided the night before (like 9-10pm) to sign up. It was a good 45 minute drive to the location and I figured if I was going to drive that far for the class, I should just spend the day and get certified! I was going for the experience and to support Angela and this ministry. God is so funny! He took that day and made it such a blessing to me and all the new instructors. There is so much more to Shazzy than just a dance format to Christian music; it is about praise, it is about encouraging and uplifting others, it's about developing Christian leaders, it's about getting out of our own way and humbling ourselves to listen to Him. So much greatness and passion happened that day.

It's no longer about my goals and what I think I want my fitness career to be. My schedule is super packed and wonderful. There isn't room to add more classes to my schedule, yet I am. People have reached out to me to start a Shazzy class. People are ready for uplifting music to dance to. I am just a small part of this greater good. If I am obedient to Him and respectful of my time to my family it will all work out exactly as He planned. I'm just hanging on for the ride!

I teach at a large gym that is nationwide. I have members asking about Shazzy and they have begun praying about the possibility of it being at our big gym. How cool would that be??

I'm just here to spread the love of Christ and Shazzy is my platform. Blessings to all of you that are part of Shazzy classes as a participant or instructor. God is mighty and He will do great things with this!


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