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January 08, 2017


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STRONGER 2017: Prep Day 1 - LET'S GO

Let's GO! Okay, here is what you need to know to get ready for Monday.

TODAY, please do the following:

angela joyner shazzy certified instructor
  1. Take some before pics (these can be very modest, tank top & shorts or t-shirt and shorts) don't worry you won't have to share them unless you want to. ;-)
  2. Go SHOPPING...you have your list, but if you need to modify somethings on your list we have a great tutorial from Brittanie on how to get started using Meal Easy. Get out there and get that healthy fuel.
  3. Take a pic of your grocery cart & post it on social media using #shazzystrong
  4. Take measurements and pick out an outfit or favorite pair of jeans or something to work toward. Sometimes the scales can be deceiving so in addition to weighing yourself today, we would love for you to take some key measurements. Mostly, your waist (it's okay for you to define where that is as long as you do the measurements in the same place at the end of the challenge) Mid thigh, hips, and biceps (upper arms). Also, like we said we would love for you to have that goal outfit/pair of jeans in mind.
  5. Get your goal in mind. Small manageable goals are best. We won't get to where we want to be overnight, so let's celebrate the journey. Every positive result sets us up to create the habit of a healthy lifestyle. Also, if you have a day where you aren't doing as well as you'd hope, your best choice is to get right back to it & don't give up on you!

Participate by interacting with us in the group, doing the photo challenges,
posting post workout pics and tagging them #shazzystrong, encourage other
challengers, and let them encourage you back.

Who knows? there may be a prize or two given out along the way to those that are being SuperShazzy and giving it their all :)



Shazzy Fitness

Shazzy Fitness



January 11, 2017

Hi Anita! We are glad that you are on this Challenge with us, and we definitely want you to have all you need. Please email us at weheart@shazzyfitness.com so that we can answer you questions :) Thanks so much!

Anita Lockett
Anita Lockett

January 09, 2017

Im new to this challenge I like planning out what I need to do, I have no information what to do

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