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Introducing Our Certified Instructors: Meet Stephanie Felder!

Stephanie by the trackMy name is Stephanie Felder and I live in Philadelphia, PA. I am a wife, mom, educator, blogger and fitness enthusiast, and now a Certified Shazzy Fitness Instructor! I have been a high school teacher for 23 years (minus the four years I was a stay at home mom) which led me to begin my fitness journey.

After having two kids within two years and gaining 50 pounds each time, I knew I had to make a change. As a way to make myself accountable and to share and inspire others, I created TeamFitMommy.com. After reaching my goal of losing 50 pounds I realized that my fitness journey was about much more than being a “fit mom,” it was about having a fit life! I rebranded my website in 2015 to be more about how God created this life within me and because of Him I have my being. FitFaith Life is a virtual faith and fitness coaching program. We believe that your body is your temple and that we have to take care of this gift so that we can serve God, our family, and our communities. We provide healthy lifestyle solutions that are family friendly and fun!

Stephanie in her Shazzy shirtShazzy Fitness is my first experience as a dance instructor, although I have coached various sports including Competitive Cheerleading of which choreography is a large part. As a cheerleading coach I was able to develop my leadership skills. I found that through cheerleading I could also teach the young ladies on my team about life.

The lessons that they learned through our physical activities translated to the rest of our lives. For example, when they had to learn to do a stunt pyramid, I was able to teach them about overcoming fear and trusting others. It really is the same with all of us. It takes faith to decide to lose 20, or 30 or 50 pounds, but the only way anyone is going to reach their goal is by learning to trust the process and overcoming their fears.

I learned of Shazzy Fitness through social media. I was looking for others who were doing faith-based fitness. I was so excited to find a faith-based exercise program and even more excited to learn that I could become a Shazzy Fitness instructor. I decided to complete the online certification because I want to share the gift of faith and fitness with others in a fun yet meaningful way.

My goal is to use my certification to introduce faith based fitness to the public at large and faith based communities so that they can help their members improve their bodies and spirits. Ultimately, I would like to earn my Personal Trainer Certification so that I can help even more people reach their fitness goals. Since getting certified, I’ve participated in the Shazzy Pink Out class to help raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and in the New Year I plan to teach a weekly Shazzy Fitness Class!

Stretching it out by the trackOverall, through the journey of being a wife, becoming a mom, gaining weight, losing weight, creating a website, going back to work as an educator, re-branding a website and becoming a Shazzy Fitness Instructor, I realize that I can’t do ANYTHING without Christ. He is my strength. Whether it’s a challenging move or pushing through one more rep or eating the salad instead of the cookie, I have learned that God wants me to prosper and be in good health, even as my soul prospers.

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Shazzy Fitness Guest Blogger Stephanie Felder is a wife, mom, educator and the creator of FitFaith Life. FitFaith Life is your virtual coach for faith, family, fitness, food and fun! We are committed to helping people live out their faith, love their family, extend their fitness, eat healthy foods and have lots and lots of fun. We provide inspiration, information and motivation to be the best you can be for each stage of your life. You can follow Stephanie on social media on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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