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The Answer to My "Why"

target circlesCan I do Shazzy Fitness?

What can I do?

How do I do it?

Why am I doing it?

According to a popular business help seminar I viewed recently, I've just relayed those questions to you in the wrong order.

Apparently there is a term out there called the "golden circle". It's the golden rule about how to effectively communicate your business or service in order to bring in successful results. It's a circle within a circle within a circle. The center circle is the "Why" question. The next ring of the circle is the "How" question and the outer circle area is the "What" question.

According to the seminar, when we promote our business we need to start in the middle of the circle and work our way outwards, not the other way around. In order to communicate the answer to the "Why" question I need to state what I believe. Customers or Clients will come - not because of the "What" I am offering but because they also believe in the same "why" as I do.

Strangely enough, straight after I heard about the golden circle concept, I was reading something which reminded me about the Spiritual Circle – the same circle within a circle within a circle.

The center is our Spirit, where the Holy Spirit resides if we are a born again believer, then the next circle is our soul (mind, will and emotions) and the outer circle is our physical body.

If we're going to follow the same order as the golden circle, we would answer the "Why" question from the Person of the Holy Spirit, then the "How" question with the mind of Christ (including His Word the Bible) and lastly those things will be shown in the form of our actions.

planning what you believeSo keeping all of this in mind – I came up with the following answers to my "Why" question:

  1. I Believe – dancing for Jesus Christ takes my blues away, it helps me mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.
  2. I Believe – dancing to christian music is a form of doing praise and worship to god with my whole being.
  3. I Believe – dancing to Christian Hip Hop music is fun, it releases happy, healthy endorphins and provides stress relief.
  4. I Believe – I can help others by sharing my dance class with them.

Now that I've shared with you my "Why", the rest is easy.

What"s my "How"? With Shazzy Fitness of course! I've become familiar with the Shazzy Fitness DVDs and I've completed the Shazzy Fitness Online Instructor Training Course.

"What" am I doing?

I'm getting ready to start my first Shazzy Fitness class, offering it to my local community. I've created a flyer advertisement and guess what it begins with? You've got it!


shazzy fitness new zealand kathryn drinkwaterKathryn Drinkwater is a child of God, foster parent, horsewoman and Shazzy Fitness Instructor from Northland, New Zealand! She enjoys providing a safe home for vulnerable children and for horses. She's also a writer: her children’s novel, Dog Tucker, was published a number of years ago and she self-publishes more of her writing through her website.


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