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Llaina Rash manager at Department of Public Health Atlanta Georgia and also member of Shazzy Fitness video dance teamWhat is the importance of fitness in the workplace? Find out as Llaina Rash discusses some of the advantages of incorporating fitness into your work life.

Ballerinas Dancing

I decided not to go straight to law school after college and instead work in the industry for a while. While holding a position at a law firm as a paralegal, I would still teach dance at night. I realized I’d almost always rather be dancing. My heart was with dance and I knew that if I did something I love and have a passion for I’d be good at it. So I decided to step out on faith and...

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Apollo Levine

Apollo Levine is jack-of-all-trades, actor, singer, dancer, choreographer, and star of the DVD, “Shazzy Fitness: A Time to Dance”. He’s an all around entertainer on his way to the top and we wanted to give you a glimpse into the heart and soul of the person behind the dance and the music. We sat down and talked to Apollo about his career aspirations, childhood, work life, and his passion for Shazzy Fitness.

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  • 4 min read