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5 Steps Shazzy Fitness Instructors Should take before Teaching Your First Class

Shazzy Fitness
When I decided to become a Shazzy Fitness instructor, I was envisioning helping people workout and lose weight while having fun and worshipping God. I was excited to get started and then reality set in along with all the questions. What have I gotten myself into? Where am I going... View full article →

Shazzy Thinks Pink in 2016

Shazzy Fitness
It's been just over a year now, since we launched our instructor certification training.  I must say that God continues to move in ways that we could've never imagined. We had no idea at that time, if anyone would really understand what we do, let alone decide to join us... View full article →

A Day I will Never Forget

Shazzy Fitness
March 16, 2009 is a day I will never forget. It was a Monday after my husband and I had just come back from a weekend away celebrating our 26th wedding anniversary. Around 10:30 that morning my office phone rang and, after I announced my name to the caller, I... View full article →