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3 Essential Steps to Live YOUR Best Life!

Shazzy Fitness
Have you found that you are running out of the motivation to keep going and reach your goals? When God created Adam he put in him everything he needed to be a productive human being. He gave him a strong body, free from sickness and disease. He gave him a... View full article →

5 Steps Shazzy Fitness Instructors Should take before Teaching Your First Class

Shazzy Fitness
When I decided to become a Shazzy Fitness instructor, I was envisioning helping people workout and lose weight while having fun and worshipping God. I was excited to get started and then reality set in along with all the questions. What have I gotten myself into? Where am I going... View full article →

Introducing Our Certified Instructors: Meet Stephanie Felder!

Shazzy Fitness
My name is Stephanie Felder and I live in Philadelphia, PA. I am a wife, mom, educator, blogger and fitness enthusiast, and now a Certified Shazzy Fitness Instructor! I have been a high school teacher for 23 years (minus the four years I was a stay at home mom) which... View full article →