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Shazzy Fitness dancers posing for picture.
Everyone strives for fitness at their own pace for their own reasons. But staying in shape isn’t always all about you or what you want. God wants you to stay in shape too!  We at Shazzy Fitness believe in faith, fitness and FUN! Here are a few funny reasons we think God wants us fit :)
  • 3 min read

Christian Hip-Hop Dancers

When the idea of Shazzy Fitness first started to form in my mind, I knew I needed to learn a lot, do a lot of research, and of course, have a lot of faith. At the core of the business concept was this hole that I saw in the fitness industry. It as a hole that wasn’t new or unknown, but for some reason had seemed to be ignored, at least thus far. The notion that music and fitness were a perfect match wasn’t by any means new...

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  • 3 min read