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Hello, my name is Colette Adams. I have always been a lover of dance and yoga and wanted to bring another element to my coaching business. Worship music has always been one of the biggest ways I connect with the Lord. It was important for me to find that bridge between my love for worship music and my love for dance and fitness.
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Discover how to balance life, work, and dance with Jeni Dzenis. This talented dancer has been dancing her entire life and has figured out a way to continue even after establishing a career and a family. Read more about Jeni Dzenis and her experience with Shazzy Fitness.

It's our last dance move of the series so we thought we'd take you to church! This move is called Church. Inspired by praise dancing, church works your arms and legs.This full body move is sure to get your heart pumping. Go ahead and get your praise on y'all.

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This is what we like to call the Shazzy Hop. Inspired by Apollo's experience with football drills (back in the day), the Shazzy Hop focuses on the core and glutes. Make some room because you'll need some space for this one.

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We're almost to the end of our seven-move series! Today we bring you the Punch and Drop move. Inspired by the Punch and Roll, this move works your core and legs. There are a series of steps to this one so make sure you watch the video! It'll be tons of fun once you catch the rhythm.
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We've got an exclusive for you! Apollo presents a step by step instructional video so you can catch the groove!

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Here's a little move that we like to call the Vera Shuffle. Its a fun mixture of lunges and squats that you can take out dancing. Get those glutes working and try it out! Let us know how it goes!

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It's time for move #2! It's called PKS - Pull, knee, slide. Watch the video for step by step instructions from Shazzy Fitness Instructor, Apollo Levine. This a great move to practice around the house or tosave for when you're out with friends. Its fun AND easy to learn. Soon you'll have enough moves for an entire routine! Are you ready? Try it out!

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Do you dread going to the gym? Luckily for you, our very own Apollo Levine has provided seven dance moves that can help you to get your heart pumping no matter where you are! Check out his instructional video of the first of his seven moves, the Pull Down & Roll.

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National Dance Day Image featuring Apollo.

The moment you hear a beat you bust a move. Granted you may not ‘move like Jagger,’ but you continue anyway. That’s because you are hardwired to move. You have an instinctual response to rhythm and when you put movement and music together you create dance, which is truly an expression of your spirit. And on July 26th everyone has a reason to dance as it is National Dance Day (NDD).


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