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Spiritual and Emotional Spring Cleaning

Shazzy Fitness
Spring is in the air! The time of the year for fresh start and new beginnings—and with spring comes spring cleaning! Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably already watched Tidying Up and let Marie Kondo teach you how to clean until your home sparks unspeakable joy. Thousands of people... View full article →

Fresh Adventures

Shazzy Fitness
It's Spring and everything is new and fresh. Flowers are budding and trees are starting to bear fruit. God's beauty is bursting forth in brilliant colors everywhere. Everyone is taking off those winter clothes and many of us are feeling more energized. We are experiencing a stirring in our spirit... View full article →

Spiritual Spring Cleaning!

Shazzy Fitness
I look forward to spring cleaning! I love putting my hands to work to dust, polish, and dump unnecessary items, because I enjoy having a clean home. But spring cleaning does more than rid my home of dust and items that accumulate during the winter months. Psychologically, it rejuvenates my... View full article →