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Make Someone Smile, its World Smile Day

Did you know that the iconic smiley face was created in 1963 by Harvey Ball, an artist from Worcester, Massachusetts. This image went on to become a symbol for good will and happiness, and universally it is recognized by all irrespective of our politics and religion. But the over-commercialization of the smiley face left Ball worried as he felt the symbol was losing its value and purpose. This concern compelled Ball to create World Smile Day.

World Smile Day has just one purpose - all of us need to devote one day to making people around us smile through our acts of kindness. This day was first celebrated in 1999 and since then has been observed every year on the first Friday in October.

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National Smile Week takes place annually on the second week of August. It's a the perfect time to make an extra effort to smile every day- and encourage others to as well!

Not only does smiling improve your mood, but it also has health benefits you may not be aware of.
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