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Our blessings from the kids at Youth 2015 - Romans 1:16

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June was certainly a big month for us.  We had been blessed with the opportunity to minister through song and dance at the National United Methodist Youth Conference in Orlando, Florida (http://www.youth2015.org).   Apollo had a very short break from his tour with Sister Act, The Musical and Vera had... View full article →

A story of faith: Jesus will meet you where you are.

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This is about faith, commitment, discipline and the power of prayer. You may know that lead choreographer, Apollo Levine, is also an actor/performer/dancer (oh yeah he sings too). But in between working on-stage, which is his life's dream, he works more "regular" jobs - sometimes teaching dance, working at a... View full article →

Introducing: Apollo Levine

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Apollo Levine - Choreographer, Actor, Music Artist Apollo Levine is a native of Abbeville, LA by way of South Bend, IN. He began singing and writing music at the age of 8 and has always loved anything to do with entertainment. His life's dream was to be in movies, star on... View full article →