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Beat the Winter Blues!

Shazzy Fitness
The Winter Blues are hard to avoid if you are stuck inside for the majority of the day. Maybe you have a desk job, or are simply on the go too much this holiday season. It can become easy to get caught up in the business of it all. Regardless,... View full article →

Watch Out for that Sweet Tooth!

Shazzy Fitness
It’s amazing how losing a loved one can change the direction of your thoughts in a heartbeat. When I was younger, my dad would take us to my uncle’s house to play with my cousin Jarrod. He loved playing with anything that had to do with the military. I also... View full article →

Coffeeology 101: Get Your Fix of Information!

Shazzy Fitness
What is “Coffeeology?” As a homeschooling mom, my children will come across a lot of different words ending with the suffix “-ology”. Anytime you see this suffix at the end of a word it means the “study of.” I’m sure you have heard of words like neurology, the study of... View full article →