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From March 5th - 11th, folks from all over the country will participate in the Shazzy Fitness 7-day challenge to kick off Lent, the season of renewal and reflection. The Shazzy Fitness 7-Day Health Challenge will officially begin on Ash Wednesday. Participants will join the Shazzy Fitness community of customers for 7 days of inspiration and motivation. Each day, participants are encourage to get off the couch and do a short home workout designed by Shazzy Fitness instructors.

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With the holidays among us maintaining weight or weight loss can seem impossible. Folks will be heading to office parties and neighborhood gatherings and everyone will be preparing delicious meals for their families.  Here are 3 tips we’ve found that if used consistently from Thanksgiving to New Year’s, can actually help you to lose weight during the holiday season.

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Tips For Healthy Eating

With the New Year right around the corner people will soon be making lists of personal goals for 2014. Every year without fail, living a healthier life is usually at the top of most people’s list. Whether it is to start eating healthier, working out more, or both - overall health is by far the number one New Year’s resolution. If you want your body to look good and feel good here are a few eating tips that we’ve found to be helpful in achieving our own fitness goals:    Everything in Moderation. We won’t start by telling you to...

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