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Flexibility and Work Life Balance

Shazzy Fitness
It’s Sunday afternoon in early fall. In New England, this is my favorite time of year. I gather my 12-year-old daughter and our annual apple picking tradition takes off.  We spend the entire afternoon in the orchard. We pick a peck of apples, take more pictures than is reasonable or... View full article →

7 Amazing Exercises You Can Do At Your Office

Shazzy Fitness
Do you ever find yourself sitting at your desk, feeling like your muscles are turning to mush? Or thinking that, if you don’t do something soon, your body will conform to completely cover the width of your chair? Welcome to the sedentary life of this present age! A sedentary lifestyle... View full article →

Making a Chore Out of Leisure: The Importance of Free-Time

Shazzy Fitness
I remember being young and diving into my first career head first. I promised myself I would be the very best in the business—not good, not promising, definitely not simply “acceptable,” but the best. I challenged myself, I studied, I worked unpaid overtime, and I quickly became very good at... View full article →