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Traditions to keep Christ in Christmas

Shazzy Fitness
Living here in Hawaii (on the island of Oahu), our traditions can differ from the rest of our mainland counterparts. Some things are very obvious; we won’t be building a snowman (unless you are on the Big Island of Hawaii and lucky enough to visit Maunakea), wearing our thick overcoats... View full article →

6 Amazing Weekend Activities That Will Help You Get Healthy

Shazzy Fitness
I love the weekends! After working all week, I look forward to enjoying some much needed downtime to relax and unwind with my go-to weekend activities for staying fit and being healthy! Who has time for downtime when the weekend is here? Here are my 6 weekend activities to keep... View full article →

8 Easy Workout Hacks for Even the Busiest People

Shazzy Fitness
Have you ever wondered what it will be like when your kids are out of the house? I never thought that when my kids were out of the house, I would be more busy than ever before! Trying to juggle my full-time job, caregiver duties for my mom, and volunteering... View full article →