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in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth

The first day of our challenge has come to an end.  What a day it has been!
I knew we had an amazing team of participants but to see such enthusiasm across all social media channels - it has simply been amazing.

Women Streching

Spring is almost here! (What’d that groundhog say? 3 more weeks right?) With shorts season just around the corner, we’re all ready to kick those thighs into shape! Here are a few exercises that you can do to get your legs ready for swimsuit season.


As important as physical fitness is, it is also important that we keep in mind our “spiritual fitness”. Spiritual fitness can be developed by studying the word of God and strengthening our relationship with Him. I like to refer to this as working out with the word. The word of God bears fruit. Keep this in mind next time you find trouble or sorrow. God is always with you. When you confide in him you can find comfort, joy, and peace.

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Picture of an agenta

They say that college should be the most care-free time of your life – boy were they wrong. Coming into college, I was that misguided freshman who really believed that I would never take an 8am, I’d have too much free time, and that independence was something I should relish in. I never imagined that my days would start at 7am (sometimes 6!), that watching TV would be a privilege and that with independence came financial independence from my parents’ bank account as well.

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As a 63-year-old retired law enforcement officer, Susan Faulkner has had her fair share of physical training. But by time of her retirement at age 59, she was not in the best of health due to her smoking habit of 45 years. She had also been diagnosed with emphysema years earlier. 


Everyone wants to be healthy or at least healthier than the year before... at least I know I do!

A big misconception about healthy living is that becoming healthier has to be some extreme radical change you have to make. I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be. You can start by making very small and simple changes in your life. Here are 5 Simple Tips for a Healthier You in 2014!

  • 3 min read

Christian Hip-Hop Dancers

When the idea of Shazzy Fitness first started to form in my mind, I knew I needed to learn a lot, do a lot of research, and of course, have a lot of faith. At the core of the business concept was this hole that I saw in the fitness industry. It as a hole that wasn’t new or unknown, but for some reason had seemed to be ignored, at least thus far. The notion that music and fitness were a perfect match wasn’t by any means new...

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