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In the year 2000, the United States Department of Agriculture proclaimed that August 4th - August 10th would be National Farmers Market Week. Ever since, for that one week farmers markets all over this country host special events like cooking demos, live music etc. to join the celebration. Farmers market is an integral part of our life today. It is a space that links urban life to farm life. Consumers get direct access to food fresh off the farms, while farmers can sell their produce directly eliminating the middle man.

 Everybody Smile Banner

National Smile Week takes place annually on the second week of August. It's a the perfect time to make an extra effort to smile every day- and encourage others to as well!

Not only does smiling improve your mood, but it also has health benefits you may not be aware of.
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The first week of August is Simplify Your Life week. If you feel the need to move from clutter to clarity try one of our seven recommended ways to do so.

National Dance Day Image featuring Apollo.

The moment you hear a beat you bust a move. Granted you may not ‘move like Jagger,’ but you continue anyway. That’s because you are hardwired to move. You have an instinctual response to rhythm and when you put movement and music together you create dance, which is truly an expression of your spirit. And on July 26th everyone has a reason to dance as it is National Dance Day (NDD).

Global Forgiveness Day Banner

Global Forgiveness Day is celebrated annually on July 7. This day was founded by the Christian Embassy of Christ's Ambassadors (CECA) as an attempt to reduce the number of conflicts that dictate our lives through forgiveness. On this day people are encouraged to forgive one another.

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Healthy Kids Virtual Summit 2014

The Healthy Kids Virtual Summit was created by Jamie Boggeln in 2014. The Summit is a series of free informational videos that parents, teachers, caregivers or anyone interested can access. These videos contain information from experts on topics such as meal planning, nutrition, health and fitness among others. #healthykidsvirtualsummit

National Cancer Survivors Day



There are 14 million cancer survivors in America today. And the first Sunday in June is the day dedicated to celebrating these people, honoring them for their courage and bringing awareness to the the challenges they face. National Cancer Survivors Day (NCSD) started in 1987 and today it is a global event.

The main goal of this day is to increase public awareness, gather more research and get more funds so that greater advances can be made to combat cancer and the improve the quality of life after cancer.

National Women's Health Week

National Women's Health Week (#NWHW) began as an effort by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office on Women’s Health to get women to take care of themselves.  The goal of this effort is for women to make health a priority and remain well-women.  

National Physical fitness month banner

Gastric bypass and Lap banding. Most of us know that these phrases refer to weight loss in some way. These are actually the most common weight loss surgeries performed today.

How did such words creep into our conversations? The answer to that lies in the most recent statistics published by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) that says more than one-third of adults, 34.9%, in America are obese. 

Foodie Friday banner

We are officially declaring every Friday in April as FOODIE FRIDAY!  We'll bring you a yummy recipe offered by Shazzy friends and fam, that is healthy and like Shazzy Fitness, makes you feel good on the inside :)

2 Corinthians 2:14

I really can't believe the weekend is here.  The entire week has been a bit of a whirlwind. Today is actually a very special day because we will be leading the first official Shazzy Fitness class at a church in Alpharetta, Georgia. Since releasing the video, people have been asking us, "Where can I take a class?". 

Today's workout is the VICTORY workout. This workout contains one of the fan faves - a Bollywood inspired routine that is probably one of the most talked about routines on the DVD. It has a lot of repetition, which makes it fairly easy to learn - but the moves are deceivingly intense.


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