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The day has FINALLY arrived.  After weeks of planning and anticipation, the Move. Groove. Amen challenge is HERE. We have challenged participants from all over the country to dance with us, just a few minutes each day, for 7 days in a row.  We purposely chose the first day of Lent to begin this event since it is historically a time of spiritual renewal and reflection for many Christians worldwide. What better time to re-commit to keeping our temples healthy and fit?

As for me, I have a confession to make.  They say the truth will set you free :)

From March 5th - 11th, folks from all over the country will participate in the Shazzy Fitness 7-day challenge to kick off Lent, the season of renewal and reflection. The Shazzy Fitness 7-Day Health Challenge will officially begin on Ash Wednesday. Participants will join the Shazzy Fitness community of customers for 7 days of inspiration and motivation. Each day, participants are encourage to get off the couch and do a short home workout designed by Shazzy Fitness instructors.

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A man wearing a Shazzy Fitness Shirt

Join Apollo Levine through two intense, fat-burning dance workouts, plus a bonus dance segment infused with Christian hip-hop and Christian rock beats that will make you wanna put every routine on ‘Repeat’! Apollo is a professional actor, performer, choreographer, dancer and music artist.

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Get into the groove with In The Beginning DVD, a beginner-level dance workout that offers family-friendly, easy to learn dance moves, and only includes heart-pounding CHRISTIAN hip-hop songs and beats. This DVD features Vera Musgrove, a five-year veteran and former captain of the A-Town Dancers of the NBA's Atlanta Hawks. Vera has over 20 years of dance training experience and has taught a range of dance classes.

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Women Streching

Spring is almost here! (What’d that groundhog say? 3 more weeks right?) With shorts season just around the corner, we’re all ready to kick those thighs into shape! Here are a few exercises that you can do to get your legs ready for swimsuit season.

Vera Musgrove

As many early mornings and late nights that we've spent planning, rehearsing, filming, creating ... well, you'd think we'd know everything about each other by now! Strangely enough, although we all agree that Team Shazzy is like family now, there are many times when we still find ourselves very much still getting to know each other. Last month, I had a chance to sit down and talk to Vera Rose about her decision to become a professional dancer and choreographer. We'd spoken about it a few months back, and I knew then that this was a message that needed to be shared.

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Bentina Terry

I am fortunate to have a spouse and friends that support my desire to eat healthy and work out.  Some of them are my inspirations. I remember when Kristy, Shazzy's CEO, suggested we start walking together not eating together to catch up.  It was a real shift in making the nature of our interactions around our common goal of being healthy.  

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As important as physical fitness is, it is also important that we keep in mind our “spiritual fitness”. Spiritual fitness can be developed by studying the word of God and strengthening our relationship with Him. I like to refer to this as working out with the word. The word of God bears fruit. Keep this in mind next time you find trouble or sorrow. God is always with you. When you confide in him you can find comfort, joy, and peace.

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They say that college should be the most care-free time of your life – boy were they wrong. Coming into college, I was that misguided freshman who really believed that I would never take an 8am, I’d have too much free time, and that independence was something I should relish in. I never imagined that my days would start at 7am (sometimes 6!), that watching TV would be a privilege and that with independence came financial independence from my parents’ bank account as well.

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Apollo on TV set

On Monday January 13, 2014, we made our television debut on ‘Atlanta and Company After Noon’ with host Rashan Ali. No surprise - Team Shazzy was incredible, as always.  Our newest dancers – Coty and Kristin - fit right in, as if they’d been on with us forever.  I say "us", but our choreographers and the dancers really do all the work.  Two years later and I still stand in awe about how God brought us all together.

There are only 24 hours in a day and sometimes it just feels like we need more. But we’ve got a secret that can help you make time to have fun, build your faith and get in shape! Every year we all make resolutions to better ourselves. These often include getting into better shape, building our faith, and making more “me time”. Shazzy Fitness allows you to do all of those things in one easy to follow DVD dance fitness work out. Shazzy Fitness DVDs offer multiple 10-minute, heart-pumping routines to faith-based hip-hop music specifically choreographed to maximize the fat burn while fitting into even the busiest of schedules.

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