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Dance Fitness Gives Back

Shazzy Fitness is set to participate in the global dance experience, “Kurema: Moving at the Speed of Peace”, a RDDC event, hosting free dance classes on April, 26 2014 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide. 

RDDC will offer dance classes around the world in as many styles as possible to not only raise awareness of the lives lost in the Rwandan genocide, but also as an illuminating look at the power of dance as a means of healing, educating and growing.

This week we present a killer dessert recipe from one of our fave bloggers and registered dietitian, Kristen Smith, who is the dietitian for WellStar Comprehensive Bariatrics located near Atlanta, Georgia. 

Kristen is very passionate about sharing the importance of healthy nutrition to all of her clients and the general public. Kristen blogs regularly about nutrition and wellness on her blog www.360familynutrition.org.
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Earl “E.DOT” Hackney III was born on the east side of Detroit Michigan. His parents had a total of four children, three daughters plus their youngest and only son, whom they named Earl. I had the opportunity to speak with Earl about what led to his personal decision to walk away from a music deal as a secular artist and run toward Christ.

When God is calling, you have to answer.

Foodie Friday
This week Antonio shows how to create a healthy, gluten-free & guilt-free egg custard ...gotta love that!
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Foodie Friday banner

We are officially declaring every Friday in April as FOODIE FRIDAY!  We'll bring you a yummy recipe offered by Shazzy friends and fam, that is healthy and like Shazzy Fitness, makes you feel good on the inside :)

Bentina Terry

I am SUPER excited to announce that over the next few weeks, we'll have a series of posts from guest bloggers.  It's a big deal for us, because it allows us to collaborate and connect with other like-minded souls, and to share their amazing life experiences with you, our beloved Shazzy Fitness family. Each of our guest bloggers has been prayerfully selected, and share our same characteristics of high standards, integrity, courage, confidence and most of all, faith. 

Kristy McCarley

Hi! I'm Kristy, CEO of Shazzy Fitness. Congratulations on making it to the end of the Move, Groove, Amen 7 Day Challenge!  We are SO excited to hear about all the workouts you each chose to do on the last day AND how that bonus workout went!!

We created Shazzy Fitness for real people, people like you and me,with very busy lives who are looking fora fitness solution that's fun, convenient and makes us feel good from the inside out.

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Praise the Lord | Psalm 150

We did it - congratulations on making it to the end of the Move, Groove, Amen 7 Day Challenge! We can't wait to see the workouts each of you chose for today and how that bonus workout went. I'm sure that each of you totally ROCKED it! Today, we invite you to share with us which workouts you chose - you can find us on our own blog, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and YouTube.

Psalm 149:5

I am often asked how I came up with idea, what was the inspiration for Shazzy Fitness. Of course, I have to give all glory and honor to God. I'm really not sure exactly when I began to think that I might actually start a business. That came many, many years after the concept was revealed to me. I never wanted to be an entrepreneur. It seemed way too risky, way too unpredictable.

Praise him with trimbel and dancing

Ok it's Day 5 now and I don't know about you, but I've started to notice that even I'm a bit slow getting started with the workout (cause I'm the best procrastinator on the planet), once I'm finished with the workout I'm actually ready to do more. I mean, it doesn't just get my heart pumping, but the moves and music and the choreography are challenging enough so that I don't get bored but also not so hard that I get totally frustrated.

2 Corinthians 2:14

I really can't believe the weekend is here.  The entire week has been a bit of a whirlwind. Today is actually a very special day because we will be leading the first official Shazzy Fitness class at a church in Alpharetta, Georgia. Since releasing the video, people have been asking us, "Where can I take a class?". 

A time to dance

We already at Day 3.  What an incredible 2 days its been!  After our Twitter party I knew I needed to stay up late to finish up a few things.  Instead of drinking my usual cup of coffee, I ended the evening with a quick Victory workout.  Who needs coffee when you have the Victory?  It was the perfect energy boost!